A little about me

I was born November 20, 1966, in Jeonbuk, South Korea. I graduated from Jeonbuk National University with a bachelor’s degree majoring in material engineering in 1992. I served in the Air Force for three years. After I graduated, I worked in Korean Telecom for 2 years. I married in 1992 and my wife and I came to the United States to study. My wife obtained a doctoral degree in biomedical science. I have one daughter and one son. We lived in South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, and Maryland. I have so many job experiences in different fields of work. This includes working for a cleaning company, a beauty wholesale importer, and beauty sales marketing. I was the east coast branch manager covering from Florida to Canada. I have been interested in the real estate business for over 7 years. And I am finally earning my real estate license. I think that my sales experience will help me become a great agent in the real estate field. I always enjoyed being active and working hard. I enjoy doing morning hikes and playing golf. I always loved the world of business because of the challenge, the social interactions, and I enjoy learning ideas that will help me in the future. I am very excited to become a real estate agent because I love to interact with and help people.

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