Think before you buy a house

Housing deal becomes active naseoneun the right to buy his first home buyers and the spring season surge. To consider in the process of buying a home is not a thing or two. House prices and local basic and should also carefully check the safety distance, public transportation belong in the school district, at work if you have children. Associated with home buying, plain tip manjiman Not a few experts suggest that buyers are after buying a house without considering grab a few important things that will later regret hitting the ground. In the home buying process, buyers Find out what things are easy to overlook.

Consider to sell a house later

Situation may arise where a parent you need to have children or elderly parents. Many buyers are moving to other places to live in the house only a few years after buying their first homes. If you live long without having a plan to dispose of the house it is safe to buy a house with the arms and thinking good condition before you buy. If the school district a bad neighborhood, bought the house in the car as a noisy place to stay around will not be easy to sell.

Make a list of things to check

Iclude home buying is bound to be a lot of emotions involved. If possible, when evaluating a home away my feelings and take an objective stance. To do this, must go check one make a list of what I want, what you need.

When you go to see the house go and bring this list, check one by one.

Even if ppajindago a house and love the purchasing contract not equipped single opening things I need before creating an effect that makes one think again.

Consider all the costs

when you purchase a home mortgage loan principal, interest, attaches the property taxes, insurance, etc. But costs do not stop there. Electricity, gas, water and various utilities, commuting time car gas values, internal and external upgrades such as home costs owner would have to pay at home more increases.

By contacting the utility company that oversees the local monthly electric and gas costs are much deuneunji learn and ask if there is a special program that can save the utility.

the entire house demanded to the HOA contract fraud

requires asking if condo or townhouse considering the purchase contract of the HOA to see the house just before you buy. It requires a good open house will have an HOA contract offers, experts advise.Some just are needed to make sure that if you are considering the rent after acid house because regulations prevent a home owner put three houses prohibition rent in HOA contract provisions.